Why is podcasting relevant?

Podcasting is very much on the rise. The reputable Edison Research group has been analyzing the state of podcasting  for many years. In its most recent survey unveiled earlier this year, 21% surveyed noted that listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. This is well more than double since 2008 when just 9% reported to listen listen to podcast monthly. (More information about this survey is at the following link).

You probably have heard of Serial, which has been downloaded 73 million times. President Obama did an interview with Marc Maron – they recorded in a home studio in the host’s garage!

There is so much content out there, yet podcasting remains the only medium that can be consumed while multi-tasking. Commuters listen to podcasts; they can’t – at least safely – watch videos or read blog posts!

Who the heck are you two guys and what do you know about podcasting and teaching?

Kevin and Victor are both entrepreneurs. We work in two different niches – Kevin focused primarily on providing communications consulting for the higher education, research and entrepreneur communities; and Victor primarily serving the cycling world and working as a business coach. For both of us, podcasting has been a part of our respective businesses for several years.

While we both serve different niches, training is a significant aspect of our work. Victor runs a series of online courses related to cycling, while Kevin leads media training and strategic communications workshops for different audiences. We both are passionate teachers and have been working long and hard to develop a podcast training curriculum that incorporates our experiences, best practice from others and most importantly the hands-on application elements that will allow you to succeed with podcasting.

How can I benefit from having my own podcast?

Podcasting can link to your strategic marketing / communications goals in various ways. It presents many opportunities for start-ups, schools and organizations alike to achieve specific objectives. Maybe it means more visibility. Perhaps you can use podcasting as business development tool.  There could be ways you can use podcast to enhance your network.  These are just a few of several different potential benefits.

For us as the podcast trainers, here are some ways we have personally benefited:

This is just an overview – there are other ways that you can benefit as well. We look forward to working with you to help you identify the strategies that make most sense for your context.

What does it take to successfully set up my own podcast?

Let’s just say that anybody can set up their own podcast with a very modest financial investment of a microphone and a monthly subscription to the podcast hosting website Libsyn. A podcast’s success depends on:

While it is not rocket, there is a learning curve involved, and we have designed the workshop to make it as easy and successful for you as possible.

What will the workshop cover?

Our goal is straight-forward: we want that as a result of the workshop each attendee will be able to create a new successful podcast; or if that person already has a podcast, to dramatically enhance it.

Essentially, we will address the following:


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What can we expect from the workshop?

We use the term experiential for a reason. This is very much a hands-on workshop in which there will be five key topics covered (see schedule). Either Kevin or Victor will lead an interactive, 30-minute discussion of a topic. Afterwards, there will be a 30-minute hands-on follow-up session so you can put into practice the principles covered. We are of the belief that learning best practice and studying different examples is important; but is really only the first step in the learning process. You have to actually apply the lessons to your particular context. The small workshop size of 30 – essentially a 15-1 instructor to attendee ratio – means that we can provide you with the hands-on support and guidance so you succeed.

In addition to the session throughout the day, we will also be hosting two live accountability Q & A webinars after the event, exclusively for workshop attendees. One webinar is scheduled for Thursday, October 27th (two weeks after the live workshop) and then a follow-up webinar will take place on Thursday, November 17th.

The workshop takes place in the vibrant entrepreneurial hub of HQ Raleigh. Included in the workshop fee are coffee, snacks and lunch. All you have to bring is your laptop, a notebook and a positive learning mindset!

I have other questions.
Great – let us know how we can help. Email Kevin at kevin@experientialcommunications.com or call him on 919-260-0035.